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  • International Yoga Day

    June 21st has been declared as an International Yoga Day for Global Peace and harmony.

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  • Garlic- Food or Medicine?

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  • Can Okra cure diabetes ?

      This is a message posted on Facebook alleging that drinking water that after okra has soaked in it overnight will make the symptoms of diabetes disappear and the diabetes sufferer will never have to take insulin again. It is not a proven remedy. More …

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  • Fasting can regenerate immune system

    Latest study at the University of California shows that even a three day fast can kick start stem cells into producing new white blood cells,which fight off infection. Ofcourse, medical guidance is advised.   FASTING FOR THREE DAYS CAN REGENERATE ENTIRE IMMUNE SYSTEM, STUDY FINDS …

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  • Yoga in Joburg,South Africa

    Dada Shiilabhadrananda , a world renowned yoga and meditation teacher of Rajadhiraja Yoga  has initiated a new set of yoga and meditation classes at School of Business. Please contact him for more details . he is also leading silence retreats, wellness activities, life style training and a …

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