June 10, 2010

2010 Yoga Educators Conference

The Fourth Annual Yoga Educators Conference was the sweetest of all and took place in Ydrefors from July 18-22nd, 2010 and concluded with a film titled "A Journey of Joy" made by RAWA Films and directed by Dada Shankarsanananda Avadhuta and a heart warming cultural evening with star performance by Sister Jyoshna & others. The focus was on the specialties of Intuitional Science besides delving deep into the science behind yogic life style. A special session on Microvita and Intuitional Science was also devised. The certificates of attendance were awarded to all participants. On the first day, Ac. Shambhushivananda Avt. Kulapati, Ananda Marga Gurukula gave an inaugural class on the Identity of Ananda Marga Yoga amidst beautiful sunny weather. It was followed by a dynamic workshop on Bio-Psychology led by Sister Jyotirekha. Her workshop was filled with fun, laughter and lots of useful technical information. Dr. Jyoshna shared her research into the kiirtan styles of Rahr. Yoga Classes were held twice daily by different yoga teachers. Participants from over 20 countries made the event a memorable one. The 2010 Conference also coincides with the 20th Anniversary of Ananda Marga Gurukula. Special themes for this years' YEC were: Bio-Psychology by Jyotirekha'; Science of Kiirtan by Dr. Jyoshna, Ph.D.; Yogatherapy: Case Studies by Dr. Marta Antunes MD (Madhuvanii); Yoga- Sadhana by Ac. Shambhushivananda Avt.; Microvita, Creativity and Intuitional Science by Sundara; Meditation Lab by Dr. Sauli Shantatman Siekkinen MD (Finland); and a lot more. Detailed program is found below.


  1. Dr. Shantatman MD (Finland)
  2. Dada Shankarshanananda (Singapore)
  3. Jyotirekha (Brazil/Sweden)
  4. Dr. Marta Antunes MD (Madhuvanii - Portugal)
  5. David Aveiro (Jinanatman - Portugal)
  6. Kobe (Stockholm)
  7. Krsnadeva (Sweden)
  8. Dada Devajinana
  9. Dada Harikrpananda
  10. Dada Shambhushivananda
  11. Joshika (Taiwan)
  12. Mark Maetraya (Malta)
  13. Shivapriya
  14. Mukul
  15. Indira (Singapore)
  16. Mrs Morales & others (Malta)
  17. Ashok (Austria/Germany)
  18. Pritilata (Germany)
  19. Sujata
  20. Sadhana (Germany)
  21. Lilian Koh (Singapore)
  22. Alma Gonzales (Singapore)
  23. Debbie Goh (Singapore)
  24. Nirainjan (UK)
  25. Gopinatha (Argentina)
  26. Anupam (Syria)
  27. Kusumita (Norway)
  28. Sundara & Nellie (Holland)
  29. Didi Ananda Uddaya (Germany/Norway)
  30. Taraka
  31. Dr. Jyoshna PhD (UK)
  32. Bhavani (Germany)
  33. Pranakrsna (Norway)
  34. Anandi (Stockholm)
  35. Sandra (Stockholm)
  36. Dr. Dhanjoo Ghista
  37. Ramanuja
  38. Sumana (Stockholm)
  39. Ajay (Stockholm)


Day 1: (18th Arrival day)

Afternoon: Opening Ceremony

The identity of Ananda Marga Yoga: Ac. Shambhushivananda PhD (1hr)

Bio Psychology: Sis. Jyotirekha (1.5hr)

Evening: Healthy Eating, Healthy Living: Sis. Kusumita (1hr)

Day 2: (19th July)

Morning: Microvita and Intuitional science: Bro. Sundara

Afternoon: The Science of Kiirtana: Dr. Jyoshna PhD

Day 3: (20th July)

Morning: Norra Kvill Nature Park: Walking meditation

Afternoon: Intellect, Intuition and Will: Dr. Sauli Shantatman Siekkinen MD (Finland)

Evening Movie: “A journey in Joy”: The Ananda Marga documentary by Dada Shankarsanananda.

Day 4: (21st July)

Morning: "Yoga Therapy: by Dr. Marta Antunes (Madhuvanii)

Afternoon: "Yoga Therapy - Case studies from Madeira Island (Portugal): by Dr. Marta Antunes (Madhuvanii)

Evening cultural program:

Day 5: (22nd July)

Closing ceremony and give out Certificate of Attendance

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