5th Annual Yoga Educators Conference Concludes with Grace

The fifth annual International Yoga Educators Conference was held in Bali from June 29th to July 3rd, 2011 and attended by 95 yoga enthusiasts. For more details of the program please visit: http://yec.rsvp2000.com/ . This year’s annual conference was held in the beautiful Landih Ashram in Bali. Landih Ashram is located on the mountain of Kintamani on the magical island of Bali and is known for its fresh air and natural surroundings.

Some of the topics that were addressed at the conference were: Yoga Therapy; Yoga Sa’dhana (Intuitional Science); Yoga Life Style; Yoga Asanas-Mudras-bandhas; Yoga for Special Groups (Children, Pregnant Women, Senior Citizens, etc); Insights into Ananda Sutram and a lot more.. Speakers included Dr. Marta Antunes, Mrs. Kaomudii Yip, Dada Shankarsanananda and Dada Dharmavedananda.

For more information about future events, please write to: shankarsanananda@gmail.com