About the association

What is AMAYE?

Ananda Marga Association of Yoga Educators (AMAYE) is a community of Ananda Marga yoga educators around the world who wish to share knowledge, research and insights with each other to better share the beauty of Ananda Marga Tantra Yoga with our communities and society at large.

We use the term Ananda Marga Yoga Educators as educator is a broader term than teacher, being more holistic in orientation. This reflects our mission to share the comprehensive nature of Ananda Marga Yoga, which includes all aspects of astaunga yoga practices, biopsychology, as well as Tantra philosophy and lifestyle.

Our MIssion

What we offer

Our mission is to support Ananda Marga yoga educators by:


Creating a network, connection and community feeling amongst AM yoga educators around the world, by sharing news and providing a discussion forum for knowledge exchange.

Branding / Public image

Creating a clear public identity (branding) for Ananda Marga Yoga to clearly differentiate it from other contemporary yoga schools and better promote its uniqueness – incl. to best share Baba’s teaching


Harmonizing and standardizing the way Ananda Marga yoga practices are taught around the world and provide clear standards for Ananda Marga asana classes and yoga teacher trainings, incl. an updated YTT Manual.

Resource hub

Creating opportunity and platforms to exchange knowledge and resources. This includes seminars and advanced trainings and specializations for yoga educators. As well as guidance for newly educated yoga teachers, e.g. with a mentoring or buddy-system.

Research & development

Facilitating co-creation and development of state-of-the-art research about Yoga.
Developing resources for AM educators, such as in-depth knowledge on the physical and spiritual practices and philosophy of Ananda Marga - including specific asanas, class templates, video tutorials, webinars, etc.

And more...

How we work

All AMAYE staff, coordinators and advisors are volunteers and do the work as service to our guru and the community.
We have an executive Working Committee that meets regularly to take decisions and coordinate work. In addition to the Working Committee, we have smaller sub-committees and working groups for specific working areas, namely:
- Website development working group, and
- Asanas Manual and Standardization working group.

Please contact us if you would like to coordinate an AMAYE sub-committee on any topic such as coordinating yoga research, pregnancy yoga, yoga for children, yoga therapy, teaching meditation (public classes), etc.

Shrii shrii anandamurti

Founder of Ananda Marga

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