Can Okra cure diabetes ?


This is a message posted on Facebook alleging that drinking water that after okra has soaked in it overnight will make the symptoms of diabetes disappear and the diabetes sufferer will never have to take insulin again.

It is not a proven remedy. More research is needed.

There’s hope,however,that okra, a plant high in fiber and vitamin C, may offer health benefits to diabetes sufferers. This according to a 2011 study published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information concluded that dried and ground okra peels and seeds decreased blood glucose levels in diabetic mice.    The study said, ““There are many reports available to support the multiple mechanisms of antidiabetic plants to exert their blood glucose lowering effect, such as inhibition of carbohydrate metabolizing enzymes, enhancement of insulin sensitivity, regeneration of damaged pancreatic islet cells and enhancement of insulin secretion and release,” the researchers concluded.”