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  • Vitamin B12 for Vegetarian

    Author:amaye team “Vitamin B12 deficiency is a common problem among elderly people in the UK and has been linked to declining memory and dementia.” Vitamin B12 can be gotten from Milk. Dr Susanne Sorensen, from the Alzheimer’s Society said: “Brain shrinkage is usually associated with …

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  • Garlic as Brain Toxin

    Author: Dr. Robert C. Beck Notes: This article is on the negative effcets of garlic. While everyone has heard of the medicinal effects of garlic, few know as to how garlic effects the brain negatively and should be avaoided as a regular food item. …

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  • Scientists Probe Meditation

    BBC Report by Naomi Law Scientists are beginning to uncover evidence that meditation has a tangible effect on the brain. Sceptics argue that it is not a practical way to try to deal with the stresses of modern life. But the long years when adherents …

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  • What are we eating and drinking?

    We are living in chemical world, from melamin, aspartame, glutamate, etc. Not only water is not pure from hormone or other chemicals. We as vegetarian love to eat soy product like tofu and soymilk, but studies found soy (esp. if non-fermented) has many significant problem …

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  • Rational Fasting

    Public Fasting Activates the Youthing Gene Fasting, particularly Spiritual Fasting, diminishes the physical stresses of excess food, emotional stresses, psychological stresses, spiritual stresses, and environmental stresses, all of which are optimal for activating the youthing genes. Fasting is an accelerated form of calorie restriction. Gabriel …

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