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  • Detox retreats in Taiwan

    Ananda Marga Fasting Retreat is a residential detox retreat in rural Taiwan where you can relax and rejuvenate with yoga, meditation, fresh juice and delicious vegetarian food.…

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  • Dozens Graduate at Yoga Academy in Singapore

    A dozen students successfully completed the certificate course in Yoga & Intuitional Science. Each student completed five modules viz., Yoga History, Yoga Science, Yoga Philosophy, Yoga Life Style and Teaching Methodology & Professional Ethics. Some of those have enrolled themselves in the Diploma Course in …

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  • Garlic as Brain Toxin

    Author: Dr. Robert C. Beck Notes: This article is on the negative effcets of garlic. While everyone has heard of the medicinal effects of garlic, few know as to how garlic effects the brain negatively and should be avaoided as a regular food item. …

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  • A New Website on Rajadhiraja Yoga

    Live Webcase of National Conference of Spirituality & New Economy There will be a live Webcast of the event “National Conference of Spirituality & New Economy” on April 4th & 5th ,2009 from 9am to 3pm (Central time) at Richardson,Texas. You can watch this on …

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  • Laughter Yoga and Sound Healing Laughter is the best medicine and it has been known for centuries that laughter uplifts our spirits.Laughter yoga combines laughing with yogic breathing exercises. Laughter is done without any reason. .

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