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  • Learn Sentient Cooking on Line

    In these days of shrinking globe, you can learn vegetarian cooking by logging on to Also, Ms. Carolina Fossum in Oslo is preparing a special book on Sentient Diet for Children. Stay tuned. Sweden training centre has a cookbook called Tantric Kitchen. You can …

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  • Research on Fluoride and Pineal Gland

    Worth reading, especially if you’re working on meditation and opening your third eye/pineal gland, read this research article: “The effect of Fluoride on the Physiology of the Pineal Gland.”

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  • Usefulness of Meditation for Military Care Providers

    Author: Center for Contemplative Mind in Society , Mass. USA Notes: More than 20 years of empirical studies offers strong evidence that meditative and contemplative practices can aid in relieving the acute symptoms of fatigue and burnout, including depression and anxiety, and physiological symptoms …

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  • Yoga for the Brain

    Author: CBS Report . Yoga for the Brain includes certain exercises that exercise the left and the right brain. Some of these exercises are used for autistic children with good results. In India, some of these exercises were used as punishment tactic also.

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  • Yoga in Romania… Yoga in Romania has been maligned due to scandals about one Romanian Guru. Now this article presents the correct aspect of Yoga from one of Ananda Marga Yoga teachers.

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