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  • Yoga for All

    Dada Vimaleshanandaji invites one and all to Yoga for All updates on Facebook.

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  • Yoga Nature (USA) embraces Ananda Marga Yoga (Radio Talk Show with Dr. Pannu). Dr. Sachin Deshmukh of Yoga Nature Studio in California has initiated a series of events to bring the message of Ananda Marga Yoga to wider population. Recently, Dr. Shambhushivananda of Sweden Yoga Teachers Training Centre was hosted for …

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  • A New Website on Rajadhiraja Yoga

    Live Webcase of National Conference of Spirituality & New Economy There will be a live Webcast of the event “National Conference of Spirituality & New Economy” on April 4th & 5th ,2009 from 9am to 3pm (Central time) at Richardson,Texas. You can watch this on …

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