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Upcoming Events and Trainings

  • Romania. Yoga Teacher Training, one weekend a month from from January - June 2020. Contact Didi Ananda Devapriya:
  • Brazil, Belo Horizonte. Yoga Teacher Training course (250 hrs), 1-year extensive course starting the weekend of 9-10 November 2020. Includes Raja dhi Raja Yoga, Ayurveda, Detox, Asanas of Ananda Marga, Integral and Hatha Yoga, Anatomy, Mind and Chakras, Biopsychology, Yoga Therapy and more. Trainers: Acarya Ranendrananda Avt., Prof. Rupesh Deva (Anatomy and postural correction), Prof. Ishtapriti (Ayurveda & Yoga). Contact Ac. Ranendrananda at:
  • Brazil, São Paulo state. Yoga Teacher Training course (200hrs) in 2020 (start date to be announced soon). Includes tantra and hatha yoga, mainly focused on Baba's philosophy with a pinch of Bihar School of Yoga's asanas. Instituto Sada Shiva:
  • Brazil. Yoga Therapy. Module 4: November 25-30 (only for those who have completed modules 1-3)
  • Brazil, Porto Alegre. Week-end based Yoga Teacher Training course from April 2020 until March 2011.  Contact Didi Ananda Sushiila at:
  • United Kingdom. Yoga Teacher Training (200hrs, Yoga Alliance Certified) in June 2020 (specific dates TBA)
  • Denmark, Ananda Gaorii. Yoga Teacher Training (200hrs, Yoga Alliance Certified) from 01-23 August 2020

This is Amaye.

The Ananda Marga Association of Yoga Educators (AMAYE) is a global community of Ananda Marga Yoga educators around the world who wish to share knowledge, research and insights with each other to better share the beauty of Ananda Marga Tantra Yoga with our communities and society at large.
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