News from Northern Thailand

The story of Yoga in Lampang Rajabhat University is indeed interesting. Rajabhat University in Lampang,Thailand has now (2007-2008) embraced Neohumanist Education YES program with over 400 students choosing to practice yoga and kaoshiki regularly. Last year, three professors from the University visited CNS-Sweden. The University completed a million baht study last year that lasted over six months and found that Neohumanist approach to yoga is good for students all round well being , concentration and quality of life. Now, a yoga club is being started also under the guidance of Prof. Surachai and his colleagues from the Faculty of Education and Psychology. Prof. Nuntaka Taweepkul is also teaching course on Self Development & Quality of Life; Yoga for the Brain using Neohumanist techniques including Yoga. Chiang Mai University Medical School also had a program of yoga instruction led by Ms. Taweekpul. Dr. Shambhushivananda who brought yoga & neohumanist education modalities in Lampang & surrounding areas eight years ago participated in a special performance given by students of the University. Recently, Mumfort College in Chiang Mai also invited Prof. Kitiawan from Bangkok due to growing interest in Neohumanist Philsophy among its staff and students in Northern Thailand. As result of the yoga-kids program of Rakrook Neohumanist Nursery, the Lampang Assumption School has also included yoga training in its curriculum. The graduates of Neohumanist Yoga Centre are teaching yoga and neohumanist methods at different places now.