What is AMAYE?

Ananda Marga Association of Yoga Educators (AMAYE) is a global community of Ananda Marga Yoga educators around the world who wish to share knowledge, research and insights with each other to better share the beauty of Ananda Marga Tantra Yoga with our communities and society at large.

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  • Prabha’t Sam’giita Academy Opened in Ydrefors

    On the occasion of 25th anniversary of Prabha’t Sam’giita, a PSA (Prabha’t Sam’giita Academy) was inaugurated in Ydrefors, Sweden. Among its activities are included: Voice Lessons; Music Lessons using different instruments; Learning to sing PS correctly; Research on PS; Knowledge of Ragas & Raginiis; Popularising …

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  • Background to Sanskrit (Sam’skrta)

    Author: From Internet Open Resources Shri Shri P.R. Sarkar founded the Samskrta Vidyapiitha at Anandanagar, India. It was his great hope that Samskrta language should be studied and propogated due to its rich history and cultural legacy. Through his works such as Ananda Sutram, Shabda …

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  • News from Northern Thailand

    The story of Yoga in Lampang Rajabhat University is indeed interesting. Rajabhat University in Lampang,Thailand has now (2007-2008) embraced Neohumanist Education YES program with over 400 students choosing to practice yoga and kaoshiki regularly. Last year, three professors from the University visited CNS-Sweden. The University …

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  • Yoga for Kids Camp in Kaulalumpur

    In order to help children improve flexibility, increase confidence, focus mind , improve balancing and to foster self-expression, Yog’Kidz Centre is conducting regiular weekend camps for children. The events are organized by Neohumanist Recreation Centre at Puchong, KL, Malaysia. Enhancement activities also include songs,drama,team building …

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  • Baan Sang Suk offers Rajadhiraja Yoga in Bangkok

    A new center called Baan Sang Suk (A House of Awakening) has been inaugurated in Bangkok to offer instruction in Rajadhiraja Yoga in Thai among other neohumanist programs in collaboration with Neohumanist Foundation of Thailand. For details , please contact Jayadhiira and Nandita in Bangkok: …

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