Ra’ja’dhira’ja Yoga Training Certified Courses

14/01/2009 – 08:29

Certificate and Diploma Course in Yoga Science [Ananda Marga Yoga Society of Singapore] www.anandamarga.org.sg AMYSThe Ananda Marga Yoga Society now offers Certificate & Diploma courses in Yoga Science. These courses are affiliated with the Ananda Marga Association for Yoga Educators International [AMAYE] and the Gurukula Global education Network, Sweden. The courses offer a scientific, systematic and modern approach to Yoga studies and research. Our aim is to give the student a complete foundation in the physical, mental, spiritual and social aspects of Yoga science. We offer a wide range of modules to educate yoga health professionals, yoga teachers, yoga students or anyone with an interest in the science of Yoga.

Our courses focus on both practical and theoretical aspects, with an integrated emphasis on the student’s personal development in yoga and meditation. The courses also include personal guidance from our Acaryas (yoga monks and nuns).

Our trainers are internationally recognized instructors and are highly skilled and experienced in the field of yoga education. Most of our trainers are Acaryas and have undergone an ancient discipline of yogic training.

For more information please visit our website @ www.amyogaacademy.org.sg

or send an email to yoga@anandamarga.org.sg