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  • Yoga Training for Medical Professionals

    Dr. Sauli Shantatman Siekkinen in Finland is preparing to offer a special course on “Yoga Science for the medical professionals” (including nurses,osteopaths,physio therapists etc). A basic knowledge of anatomy and physiology is a compulsory requirement to enroll in this course. Dr. Siekkinen is also hoping …

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  • Dozens Graduate at Yoga Academy in Singapore

    A dozen students successfully completed the certificate course in Yoga & Intuitional Science. Each student completed five modules viz., Yoga History, Yoga Science, Yoga Philosophy, Yoga Life Style and Teaching Methodology & Professional Ethics. Some of those have enrolled themselves in the Diploma Course in …

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  • Yoga in Romania… Yoga in Romania has been maligned due to scandals about one Romanian Guru. Now this article presents the correct aspect of Yoga from one of Ananda Marga Yoga teachers.

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  • Ra’ja’dhira’ja Yoga Training Certified Courses

    Start: 14/01/2009 – 08:29 Certificate and Diploma Course in Yoga Science [Ananda Marga Yoga Society of Singapore] AMYSThe Ananda Marga Yoga Society now offers Certificate & Diploma courses in Yoga Science. These courses are affiliated with the Ananda Marga Association for Yoga Educators International …

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  • Yoga Teachers Training Seminar in Davao

    At Ananda Suveda: Km 12 Cabantian, Davao City, Philippines. Please contact Dada Mantrajapananda & Didi Ananda Carushiila. May 6-10th, 2008.

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