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  • Asthma Treatment on Full moon night

    Ac.Ounkareshvarananda Avadhuta led the yoga shivir in Hitauda, Nepal on the full moon night from midnight to 3am to cure those who have asthmatic condition. The light of full moon is supposed to have a therapeutic effect on asthmatic patients. Some ayurvedic medicines were also …

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  • Yoga Therapy and Nature Cure Clinic in South Korea

    Dr. Hima’dari (Hyung Jin, Kim), MD, Ph.D. has recently opened a Kang Nam Natural Medical Clinic. For more information, please consult his website or contact him at:

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  • Wellness Center & Yoga Therapy in Phillipines

    Join the new global wave of people who enjoy health and happiness by eliminating toxins and harmful stress! An affordable live-in natural healing centre has been started in Cebu, Phillipines under the guidance of Dada Dharmavedananda, a yogii of Ananda Marga. Empower yourself from with …

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  • Nature Cure Center in Surabaya, Indonesia

    Yoga as a Natural Therapy has been practiced in Bali and Indonesia at many places. Please contact Dada Mitrabuddhyananda at 081338581724 for a new project being started for disease prevention and rehabilitation. Jln.Tenggilis Mejoyo AN-33 Surabaya, Indonesia. Homeopathy is also employed for traeting different …

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