April 5, 2013

Yoga Teachers Training in Iceland

Yoga Teacher Training in Iceland / Yoga Immersion
30. July – 19. August 2013

Ananda Marga Yoga Teacher training will be held for the first time this year in Iceland.
It will be a 200 hour, yoga allience credited, training lasting for 3 weeks.
The site choosen for this years training is an old boarding school called Hlíðardalsskóli or the Hill Valley school. The school is located near to the small town of Hveragerði, or the garden of hot springs(Geysirs) and the school accually has its own hot spring were it gets all its hot water for heating, showers etc. Many nice places are in a short driving distance, including a hot river to bath in, up in the hills.
The school has two person rooms and a big gymnasium where most of the training will take place. The same school has been used for dozens of retreats counting up to 150 people, so we have enough space
Price is set at 320.000 icelandic krónars or 2000 EUR for those coming from Europ and 2500 us dollars for those travelling from the U.S.A.
Included in the price is: Food(including cooks), acommodation, teaching and everything on site. You will have to get yourself to Iceland (flights are pretty cheap at the moment) and from the airport to the site. At the moment we are building a jagriti in Reykjavík, so if thats ready by August there is the possibility of staying there overnight.

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